KAITLIN HALL is a journalism junior. She has a passion for telling stories that deserve to be told. She regularly binges documentaries and buys more nonfiction books than she knows what to do with. She wants to work for a non-profit organization after she graduates.


GRACE KING is a telecommunication news freshman with a passion for politics. She loves television reporting, anchoring and producing as well as dancing and baking. She hopes to become a White House correspondent in the future.

Something goes here. I don't really know what.


ZACHARIAH CHOU is a political science freshman. He enjoys news and feature photography alongside wildlife and food photography. If not at some breaking news event, he can typically be found cooped up in his room, catching up on news article after news article. Cats and dogs; he loves them all.


RAINA BARNETT is a journalism senior. She is a quiet writer who likes to keep an eagle eye out for expressive photography. She is minoring in theater. She loves her job.


JOHN FREEMAN is a photojournalism professor at the University of Florida's College of Journalism and Communications, and is a two-time winner of the college’s Teacher of the Year award.